Skylite Construction is fast becoming the market leader in balloon lighting for the Construction, Road & Rail industries. Combining our 10 years of industry knowledge and 15 years of lighting knowhow, we have worked closely with our clients year after year to manafacture and supply lights for their every need.

We love to hear feedback from our customers and are constantly in contact with them to ensure we’re evolving with the times. Price point and health & safety are often the top issues. This is why we have ensured we have the best priced balloon light on the market, whilst assuring health and safety is of the highest standard.

Some of our key features and benefits;

~ Inbuilt reflector - ensuring all light is reflected down to the ground where work is taking place, maximising light levels at the site and greatly reducing light pollution in built up and residential areas.

~ High Efficiency - Using the latest LED technology so you can run more units for longer from a single power source.

~ Glare free lighting - Creating far less strain on the eyes of the workforce, general public and highways users.

~ Light output - Giving a 360 degree light emission, ensuring there is never any dark or blind spots for the workforce.

~ Weather resistant - All our products are tried, tested and rated to IP54. They're also able to withstand winds of up to 60mph.

~ Multi-functional - Can be used with a Skylite stand or mounted to any kind of machinery.

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